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Arrow Case Study

This case study showcases how we re-engineered a key process for a Fortune 113 company 

Arrow is a Fortune 113 company and a global provider of products, services, and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions.
Arrow corporate treasury was looking to automate and streamline certain key processes using workflow solutions to improve efficiency, enhance controls and alleviate operational risks.

Implementation details

Workflow solution over MS SharePoint integrated with MS Flow to manage the process of obtaining multi-level approvals for payments made by global business users from the company’s BMG notional pool:

  • Multiple integrated workflows to manage template approvals, pre-approvals and payment approvals.
  • Approval rules compliant with internal policies and guidelines – SSO integrations.
  • User friendly design and setup – file import options to minimize manual effort – integration with TMS.
  • Streamlined approvals directly using emails and mobile app.
  • Secure documents library with easy retrieval and reports for audit and controllership.

Implementation Results

  • Unified solution to manage approval & execution of 1,500+ payments per week serving 32 global SBU – delivered end to end solution in 12 weeks
  • Saved 100+ hours of manual work per month for treasury and SBU teams – file integration with payment platforms, approvals over email and mobile app
  • Enhanced SOX compliance & controls – systemic enforcement of approval guidelines, SSO based login/approvals, detailed logs/reports – simplified audits
  • Thousands of $ saved in paper and document retention expenses – online approvals, SharePoint library