Following up on my previous blog in the LeanCash™ series (Lean Cash Management a.k.a. LeanCash™), in this blog, I will talk about the main inefficiencies we see around reporting and business intelligence within treasury and finance and how we can alleviate them with our LeanCash™ solution.

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Problems and Inefficiencies in treasury and finance reporting

One of the key challenges for most treasury and finance groups is the lack of comprehensive and integrated reporting solutions that enables them to see all their KPIs and dashboard in one place. This gives rise to multiple inefficiencies:

  • Large strategic and financial decisions might be taken without having all the facts and information at their disposal
  • Various manual and semi-automated solutions to track main metrics – which add limited value in most cases! Over the year’s processes such as silo data marts maintained in MS Access, Excel, nightly ‘dumps’ become a behemoth to maintain.
  • Limited collaboration across various finance groups pertaining to reporting that creates redundancy and inconsistencies. The first aspect of this revolves around data as a result of different data sets and sources often being used by various groups – the second aspect is around processes where various groups might have their own solutions and personnel related to reporting.

What is the LeanCash™ Business Intelligence Solution?

To simplify this process and make it more efficient, we have developed the LeanCash™ Business Intelligence Solution.

  • Central data warehouse – Our reporting solution is capable of integrating with your main treasury and finance platforms and source systems to create a “Single version of the truth” across all your reports and dashboards.
  • At-a-glance KPIs – View all your top KPIs at a glance in one place from all your devices – including optional full service mobile access via a customized app.
  • Consolidated Dashboards – Consolidate data, reports and dashboards from multiple sources into holistic views that can serve multiple groups.
  • Alerts & Notifications – Get real-time alerts and notifications based on KPIs – these can be fully customized to define events, frequency, mode and delivery options.
  • 100% customizable – solution includes a robust and intuitive “build your own report” features that allows you to build your own reports, dashboard views, etc. based on the available data set
  • LeanCash BI - Treasury TodayMarket Analysis – our solution can integrate with live RSS market feeds from providers like Reuters, Bloomberg, etc. to provide more meaningful reporting and analysis by blending internal data with market data
  • Share & Control – Share reports across functions and organizations based on security and permissions – includes schedulers to auto deliver periodic update dashboards to senior finance executives
  • Stress testing tools – these inbuilt tools simplify sensitivity analysis and stress testing by provide users with slide rule type levers to adjust and modulate desired parameters
  • Artificial Intelligence infused – the solution has inbuilt AI algorithms that are programmed in consultation with key users. The system uses data over time to develop intelligence and provide more insightful analysis as well as help in forecasting models.

LeanCash BI Screenshot

Screenshot of LeanCash™ BI

Medullus Geek Speak

LeanCash™ BI is architected using Microsoft’s reporting engine (SQL Server Reporting Solution) – it has a rich set of APIs, which we used to deliver a solution catered towards the needs of corporate treasury and finance functions.

  • A typical Business Intelligence sales cycle include classy dashboards (as shown above!), sales talk about how easy it is to build them and how non-tech folks can deliver them!
  • 6 months and crazy dollars later you are left with a product that you need a consultant (or a team) to work with business to identify the reporting needs and deliver them using that tool!
  • A year later you realize most of the reports can be built using excel and the dashboards are like an art collection in a museum!

Sounds familiar?

This outlines the answer to the most asked question for this solution – ‘there are a gazillion BI tools … how is LeanCash™ BI any different?

LeanCash™ BI is not a tool — Microsoft’s reporting engine is the tool used to design LeanCash™. The APIs connect with the BI tool’s backbone such as the report builder, security features, and report distribution and our practice leaders use a collaborative approach <link to collaborative> to deliver LeanCash™ BI to you.

The result of these features is an efficient and scalable reporting solution that adds value across the finance function without really disrupting how these teams manage their functions – the only processes it disrupts are the redundant and non-value-added ones!

In a large size organization with myriad of processes and systems there could be multiple BI solutions in use – ranging from multi-million dollar implementations to a Band-Aid MS-Access / Excel solution – in such a scenario you should take the 1st step in identifying these high value/low risk improvements – get your LeanCash™ score, benchmark against other organizations that have obtained their score and improved them. It does not cost anything to find out where you are as compared to industry-best-practices for Shared Services!




Medullus LeanCash™ is a tried-and-tested solution that draws upon lean concepts to streamline Corporate Treasury by eliminating waste in processes and functions which helps to manage liquidity and risks in the most optimal way. 

Our products and services are geared towards making improvements in Treasury & Finance processes to bring big gains with minimal impact. The low hanging fruit is sometimes difficult to find in a large organization with myriad of processes and systems. Take the 1st step in identifying these high value/low risk improvements – get your LeanCash score, benchmark against other organizations that have obtained their score and improved them. It does not cost anything to find out where you are as compared to industry-best-practices! 

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Tej is a seasoned treasury and finance professional with over 17 years of extensive experience across organizations like GE, Deloitte, SABIC and Valeant Pharma. He has held senior positions in treasury operations and cash management and has led multiple strategic initiatives in the areas of payment automation, treasury system implementations, business process simplification and shared financial services among many others. Tej is a Chartered Accountant from India.