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We practice wholeheartedly what and how we market, sell, work with our customers and our partners. That is why our customers love working with us and our teams. Technology is not easy for those who are not in technology, and our very existence depends on how we bring solutions to environments, discussions and meetings in a thoughtful, nimble, simple and kind manner – understanding and internalizing the business requirements and constantly challenging the norm to solve problems. That is the only way we can become trusted partners and value-added resources to our customers. If you believe in this vision, this is the best company for you to add your value and grow, bar none. If you are not 100% in tune with this vision, Medullus is not the right organization for you – you will not be able to succeed here.
You will get an idea of our culture by seeing what our current and past employees have said about us. It is a mixed bag but good teams like ours learn everyday and improve everyday!
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At Medullus, we believe in collaboration, partnerships and empowerment. We call ourselves a 17-year-old startup where our team members attempt to reinvent themselves and Medullus each day while upholding our key values:
  • Kindness
  • Innovation
  • Learning
  • Agility
  • Value-Driven
  • Leaderless
  • Drama-free
  • Forgiving
Benefits of being a Medullan
Leaderless organization
We are a very nimble organization focused on internal automation of tasks, environments, testing, deployments, support, hiring, recruiting and to the smallest of details. This level of automation helps us stay lean and we can be competitive in the industry and pass on the savings and processes to our projects and our customers. This level of management allows us to stay focused on our goal collectively as an organization which creates a leaderless environment – there is no one micro-managing our work – we take accountability (not just responsibility) on how we work – we build leaders ourselves.
Me time
There is ample scope to work on our Labs – we are constantly experimenting with new technology, alpha releases of software, new stacks, Emerging philosophies, Digital mindsets, Agile and DevOps principles. We have our own internal ERP called MSTN (Medullus Systems Turnkey Network) – our labs are centered on building tools for ourselves, which we also extend to our customers. During other times we do self-development thru group yoga, movie times, going for walks, excursions, picnics, outdoor activities, dinners, lunches, snack-times while we discuss technology or project challenges
Work-life balance
We believe in deep work – do 90-min sprints of deep work where we switch off, disconnect from everything, and execute our deliverables. This allows us to be extremely productive and have regular breaks to do other things that interest us. We understand that we all have families and friends because we have families and friends too! Therefore, we have a very well laid out flexi-time and work from home policy that allows for the same productivity while offering the balance we all seek and should have in our lives.
Compensation and benefits
We believe that "Good companies make millions, the best make millionaires” – while money is not a measure of our success in any way, we ensure we compensate ourselves better than the industry benchmarks. We have a 4-band structure at Medullus for growth and you can scale and grow very quickly if you believe and deliver to our visions and values.
Wide network
The Medullus network is BIG. We have hundreds of thousands of connections across geographies, networks and industries. You will be a part of this network, which will allow you to grow your own network and give you an opportunity to contribute to this big wealth of knowledge and value system.
We believe in mentoring each other in different aspects of our professional and personal lives. This helps us to better ourselves, improve on our emotional intelligence and technical knowledge. A constant mentoring and nurturing environment brings out the best in us and helps us stay leaderless. We do monthly all-hands-on-deck town-halls and huddles through video conferences – everyone across the world joins in and we discuss our achievements, challenges, fun topics while we snack on goodies and munchables.
There is no limit to what you can achieve – we are only limited by ourselves. If you have an idea, you are free to experiment and bring it to practice. We Yammer internally and being a global organization we are able to talk to each other regularly over yammer, throwing out ideas and implementing them as a team.

We urge you to come check us out. Talk to us. Tell us how you can help us become a better version of ourselves. Come be a part of our journey and this fun team.

We are saying this about being a Medullan

Priyaja Das, Technical Writer

I have been working in Medullus since the last 2.5 years as a Technical Writer cum Project Coordinator, and the first thing that each employee out here vouch for is - the enjoyable and close-knit working environment. Medullus believes "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" and so, in spite of tight schedules, project deadlines and work pressure, the entire team is made to take out time for fun and game activities, outings and picnics, thus allowing us to unwind and relax. With flexi-work timings, work from home policies and friendly atmosphere, it is truly a good place to work in.

Apala Basu, Software Engineer

I have been working with Medullus since 2017, as a Software Developer. For me, the best part of Medullus work culture is its flexibility with working hours and its non-rigid (practically non-existent) hierarchy. People at Medullus are very easy to go with, and those who are not, adapts that practice within a couple of months. It is almost like having a second family out here.

Santanu Nag, Senior UI/UX Designer

It has been around 3.5 years that I have been working as a Sr. UI Designer in Medullus, and all I can say is that I'm lucky to be a part of the Medullus family. The friendly and family like environment out here helps each employee overcome their obstacles and excel in whatever they do. Medullus has offered me self-development opportunities to stand out as a true professional with appropriate market relevance.

Abhishek Chakraborty, Software Developer

I have been associated with the team since the last 1 year and my experience working out here has been great so far. I have been able to learn a lot in a fast-paced environment. The best thing about Medullus is - you are recognized for your work; it is never overlooked. While many of my friends are searching for new and “more satisfying” jobs, I consider myself fortunate to be here in Medullus. I am constantly counselled and guided by superiors so that I become my best self. In a nutshell, Medullus has given me a platform for professional as well as personal growth for me.

Chitra Mukherjee, .Net Developer

I joined Medullus as a trainee and now I am working as a Jr. Software Developer. Medullus has given me the opportunity and exposure to learn new technologies and work on live projects. I got to learn the agile way of working from here. Although a mid-level company, but the work culture followed in Medullus is no less than any of the CMM level 5 companies - following Continuous integration and Continuous development (CICD) , maintaining SPRINT, holding regular SCRUM etc. Thanks to Medullus for giving me the much-required exposure and experience.

Rituparno Sarkar, HR Manager

Medullus is a very good company to work with long-term view. Being a service-based company, short-term view may not be of much help. A very good company to progress in your career. As a HR manager, I worked here more than 3 years and have witnessed many exciting times.

Sulekha Dutta, QA Analyst

Working in Medullus since 2017 as a QA person and I never realized that it has been over 2 years that I have been associated with this organization! Reason is simple - Medullus is not like those hard-core professional companies with a bunch of rigid rules and regulations set for employees. It is almost like our second home. With understanding seniors and cooperative management, my journey until date has been quite rewarding. The company is ever ready to embrace newer technologies and being a part of the Medullus family, I'm privileged to get the chance of working on cut-edge technologies.