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How I explained Digital Transformation to my 11-year-old

Long story short I found myself doing this last Sunday. This is what I said (cutting out the numerous questions he had along the way). Buying sausage online as it has always been Imagine that we want to buy some sausage online. We search on google, find a company and then check out how it […]

Why Agile scares a lot of people

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans” Allen Saunders, Publishers Syndicate Agile practices are now several decades old, maturing and taking shape in the last 2 decades and every industry has implemented it in some form or fashion, including Governments. The Agile manifesto was developed in 2001 and was originally […]

Sensemaking in culture transformations

Organizational culture has been defined in numerous ways. Over the last few decades culture is seen as a competitive edge for different organization. Deloitte reports that a vast majority of companies are using culture as a lever to drive strategy, transform operations and become market leaders and industry benchmarks.  “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” (ref: […]

A Cyber-security Assessment is Essential for Small and Mid-Sized Law Firms

As law firms continue to maintain highly sensitive client data with notoriously weak safeguards to protect it, they are increasingly coveted targets for hackers. Small and mid-sized NY law firms are especially susceptible and should, therefore, conduct regular vulnerability assessments to establish and maintain a baseline of their threat landscape. An outside firm such as NYC based […]

5 questions to ask before you start an enterprise mobile app development project

(1) The 1st and the most obvious – do you need an iOS, Android, Windows, RIM product (any or all)? This is actually an important 1st question. Most customers say “yes”…but it is important to vet it out – questions like “Who is the end consumer?” or “Where will this be used?” or “What % […]

To cloud or not to cloud that is the question

Following up from our prior blog on “To app or not to app” this one is equally relevant, if not more. Scene: You are looking for software to solve a business problem or bring efficiencies to operations, processes or provide services to your customers, integrate better with suppliers, partners, employees etc. One question you will […]

The ONE thing that will make you a better software developer

 Simple 1 line answer: “Think as an end-user of your software.”  Let me paint the picture first. You are a software developer, resplendent in the knowledge of the latest and greatest technology out in the market. You are highly valued in a development project and your skills are sought after. You start a project, understand… […]

5 points to consider in choosing a software development company for your project

The 1st question to ask, why choose, when I already have someone I work with or when my best friend has already referred me to some company? The simple answer is that as a business leader you have to ask questions, all the time, if you want to be ahead of your competition. Software is… […]

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