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CICD – Castrol for DevOps

We started 2018 with multiple deployments during regular business hours for one of our clients – the same client that used to send out multiple emails to their users about system outage for a big bang deployment during off hours having their entire team in office for smoke testing …. A scenario that today seems […]

Demystifying Microsoft Gold Certification

Why we got Gold Certified Certification gives a company much more than ‘bragging rights’  – more so if the path to achieving the certification includes a combination of examinations that team members need to clear along with existing clients validating the services of the team and a cost (investment) that the company need to make. […]

Road to DevOps

What this series of blogs on Medullus DevOps are about! The road to DevOps has been paved with challenges – some technical, some educational …. But mostly cultural. For us being spread across multiple locations (NY, NJ, NC, India) accentuated this challenge – But then again you know the saying … ‘Where there is a […]

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