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Unleashing the full potential of Shared Services

Shared service centers are used for the purposes of driving efficiency by managing common activities centrally to eliminate redundancy across the organization and leverage economies of scale. In the Finance world, the most common activities that are handled via shared services are accounts payable, collections, invoicing, account reconciliations, etc. – in a way even centralized […]

Treasury and the mobile revolution

Corporates are yet to embrace mobility These days’ mobile apps seem to be everywhere – there are apps for just about anything! However, a closer look at the mobile revolution would show that the majority of apps are geared towards P2P and B2P segments – B2B apps are few and far between and it seems […]

Optimized (and Lean) Payment Processes

The electronic payments revolution is underway! Electronic payments have been around for over a couple of decades and almost every organization globally from Fortune 500 corporations to small mom and pop shops use electronic payments for sending and receiving business payments. Despite the exponential growth of electronic payments, US continues to remain one of the […]

Case Study: Is your current process of requesting a Bank Guarantee as simple as ordering a pizza online?

In one of my previous blogs, I had spoken about how Treasury departments are being forced to position themselves as internal service departments that add value to the broader organization rather than existing as black boxes within Finance to perform a set of specialized functions in relative isolation! Background of the organization In this blog, […]

How LeanCash™ workflow solutions can streamline your processes

Continuing with our LeanCash™ series, in this blog we will explore the inefficiencies within various internal and external collaboration processes within treasury – and how we can help streamline these using our LeanCash™ Workflow Management offering. Problems and inefficiencies with treasury & finance process management Treasury departments along with other corporate finance functions such as tax and […]

“Green Workflows” & the Responsible Treasury

The paper problem is not getting smaller! With so much focus in recent years on saving our planet, there is a conscious effort by individuals and corporates to cut down on use of paper to reduce deforestation which is one of the main environmental problems. Shoppers are switching to reusable bags, newspapers are going digital, […]

Enhanced Cash Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence

The problems of cash forecasting The ability to accurately forecast future cash inflows and outflows has always been one of the biggest challenges for treasurers and finance professionals the world over. The situation has been further exacerbated by the tightening of capital markets in the last decade which has made cash a scarcer resource! In […]

Documentation for all our solutions

What is lean & action-oriented documentation? LeanCash™ documentation starts with identifying user needs and then explaining how to achieve specific goals. We have drawn upon the concepts of agile development where action-oriented documentation is based on user stories. A user story is a definition of a process whereby a goal is accomplished. Sample User Story: As […]

Blended Reporting Solutions

Deciphering your data in the digital age Big data is continuing to play a bigger role in the digital age. In fact, it’s actually safe to say that you can’t do business these days without first taking a look at your data. But sure, you already know that – right? The question here is – […]

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