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CICD – Castrol for DevOps

We started 2018 with multiple deployments during regular business hours for one of our clients – the same client that used to send out multiple emails to their users about system outage for a big bang deployment during off hours having their entire team in office for smoke testing …. A scenario that today seems […]

Demystifying Microsoft Gold Certification

Why we got Gold Certified Certification gives a company much more than ‘bragging rights’  – more so if the path to achieving the certification includes a combination of examinations that team members need to clear along with existing clients validating the services of the team and a cost (investment) that the company need to make. […]

Questions to ask BEFORE developing an application

Desktop or Web Application ? To App or Not to App ? Platform (Windows, Linux etc…) Technology (Microsoft, Open Source, etc…) As you might know these are the pre-requisites before any sort of development can begin. Each option has its pros and cons and the correct answers depend on various factors. In this post I’m… […]

Take the wait out of your application development

Solving current problems with yesterday’s process will hurt your business … BIG TIME!
Software development has improved exponentially over the last few years … not only in technology but mainly in the way it is executed.
There is no point talking about buzz words like Big Data, HTML5, and Mobility etc… If takes too long to use and see the improvement in your business. […]

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