Specialized consulting and solution providers for buying groups, corporate treasuries and mid-market organizations struggling to embrace digital adoption

Who is Medullus?

We are a team of passionate consultants and systems developers, integrators and implementers that focus on bringing digital solutions to organizations through systems and design thinking, continuous delivery and deployment of technology products and services in a nimble and lean manner. 
We specialize in serving corporate Treasury & Finance functions, Buying Groups and mid-market organizations struggling to adopt a digital mindset.

What is Medullus?

Our name “Medullus” is derived from medulla, which is a part of the human brain that controls autonomic functions of breathing, heart rate and blood pressure as well as the sleep wake cycle. 
Similar to the medulla, we strongly believe that digital technologies can add substantial value to the fundamental functioning of organizations and business processes to drive better performance, higher profits and stronger controls.

Our Timeline


Started with 1 focus “Customer Service Excellence”


50+ successful projects, mobile app for Nordea


Developed operations & systems for a $2B buying group & supply chain. 10 large customers, 150+ successful projects completed


300+ successful projects completed. 48 employees and a network of 100+ consultants across domains, skillsets


Embraced lean and digital culture with a continuous delivery methodology. 200+ consultant network. Developed LeanCash® Treasury Automation Platform


Leading digital transformation of corporate treasury for Fortune 500 companies. Self-serve rebate management system developed for buying groups. Undertaken digital transformation of mid-market companies.

Are you struggling to adopt a digital mindset? Does your organization understand Digital ROI and have a good Digital IQ? Why not talk to us and see what these concepts can do for your organization? It just starts with a dialog with us.