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CourtWorks Case Study

This case study showcases how we worked with a startup of lawyers to digitize the probation management process for the courts.

The CourtWorks solution is for the judicial supervision community to drive efficiencies for Courts, Defendants, and treatment agencies while guiding defendants to learning resources so they stay out of trouble. The platform organizes the defendant’s file in a secure online environment that is accessible to all authorized parties. Judges, Probation Officers and the defendants have controlled access to the information as well as upcoming events. Documents and information regarding the defendant’s progress which is uploaded by agencies are updated into the defendant’s file automatically and displayed in easy to understand and intuitive dashboard.

Implementation Details

Since HIPAA was a key requirement we designed an Azure cloud solution using Aure SQL and consumable APIs for integration with agencies and other entities. This enabled court works to maintain control over the features while at the same time transfer the audit risks related to Microsoft.

  • Integration with eGov for payment processing through the website
  • Consumable APIs to gather data from third party agencies
  • Azure FTP to gather defendant data from courts on legacy systems (AS/400)
  • Azure scheduled tasks to integrate the data fetched from external systems
  • Dashboards and actionable KPIs for Admins, Probation Officers, Agencies and Defendants to access information relevant to them

Implementation Results as off July 2019

  • Processed over 1600 payment transactions through the website
  • Onboarded over 4000 defendants on the system
  • Sent over 3500 defendant referrals to agencies
  • Received over 14000 reports from agencies