Specialized consulting and solution providers for buying groups, corporate treasuries and mid-market organizations struggling to embrace digital adoption

For companies or departments with a lot of repeatable processes Who are dissatisfied with the turnaround time and human errors. Our automation solutions will improve efficiency by at least 80% Unlike the other do-it-yourself products that pushes their features from the outside, our approach believes in preserving your existing IT assets and collaborates with your team to design an optimized solution using our plug and play tools.

We solve these corporate problems

  Expensive workforce executing repetitive processes
  Series of discreet, siloed steps resulting in bad data
  Manual processes
  Lack of proper controls & health-checks
  Disparate & redundant info from multiple systems, platforms

Our Solution Stack includes

Digital Process Automation

  • Using a discovery phase, we identify the repeatable tasks in your organization or department
  •  Collaborating with your team we define the steps for each of the tasks
  •  Using our plug and play tools we craft a solution that will work for your team
  •  Reporting on ROI we monitor progress
  • Add intelligence by feeding the data generated back to the solutions

 Use this work sheet to measure ROI for your Automation projects

System Integration

As a global systems integrator we believe deeper integrations using emerging technologies like micro services will enable you to deliver meaningful solutions to end users Our tried and tested process for system integration projects are to

  • Capture your requirements
  • Plan and design a solution with you
  • Validate Performance
  • Monitor & Support
  • Implementation

Read our case study on how integration helped a self-service storage provider with 26 facilities across eight states achieve operational efficiency

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

The challenge in most business process BPR is change-management.
We have been able to mitigate that risk by initiating change as a key item in
our project plans.
The following tasks have helped achieve success in our BPR projects

  • Envision new process with you
  • Initiate Change
  • Process diagnosis & Redesign
  • Reconstruction
  • Process Monitoring

Read our case study on how we were able to re-engineer a key process for a Fortune 113 company

Testing Automation

Emerging technologies like the elastic cloud, RPA and
integration platforms have enabled testing of most use cases to be automated.
Our automated testing package includes

  • Identification of the Super Highway (most important transactions)
  • Defining the Test Cases
  • Configuring the automation
  • Setting up Environments
  • Monitoring code deployments

Read our journey to automation here: https://medullus.com/road-to-devops/


Traditional analytics uses a combination of trend analysis and
domain expertise to make future decisions. Our plug and play solutions infuse
AI to your data and enriches future transactions.
Our approach to delivering analytics for you

  • Identify actionable KPIs
  • Automate data loads / integrate
  • Canned dashboards
  • Self-serve reporting

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