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Digital Buying Groups

Buying Groups grow primarily by leveraging the collective buying power of its independent dealers through strong supplier relationships. A “digital” co-op can amplify such network efforts. Are you embracing the digital mindset? Let us start a dialog to explore the possibilities?

Our process

  1. Fill out an initial questionnaire so we can do a pre-assessment of your organization. This saves a lot of time for both of our organization.
  2. Free discovery and review of your operations and systems based on your questionnaire and our research on your organization, members and vendors.
  3. 1-hour initial assessment call.
  4. After the call, we will do a deeper due diligence of the organization, its vendors, members and systems
  5. We will then identify gaps that can address specific questions you may have – typically these are to improve revenue, increase engagement across the co-op, have better vendor management, grow rebates and create better programs, recruit better, streamline operations and transform into a digital co-op
  6. Finally, we will provide an assessment report. This is an actionable report that your organization can use as a technology/operations roadmap.

Start by answering the questionnaire.

See how we have helped LBM Advantage, a premier Lumber & Building Materials buying group.