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About Medullus
With over 16 years of service, Medullus brings lean solutions to companies large and small through continuous delivery and deployment of software products and services.

Hybrid and Mobile-Responsive Web Applications

In the new era of app development, mobile application development teams have been afforded a number of advanced options geared toward delivering a mobile experience to software end users much more quickly and easily than ever. It was not long ago that developers would need to develop separate device-specific applications for any one solution – one for Android, one for Apple, one specifically designed for web browsers. As one can imagine, all that development translated to a great deal of time, effort and as always, cost.  These days, developers have access to tools that will allow for a develop-once codebase with a self-adjusting or cross-platform user interface. The result is a quicker, more efficient application development lifecycle with the same or similar experience for end users that adjusts to look and feel as intended on whatever device the user engages with.  Platforms such as React Native, Xamarin and PhoneGap provide powerful tools for The Medullus Systsems application development team to design and integrate apps on a write-once, release anywhere basis. For less complex applications, Medullus will often look to Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and the Twitter-developed Bootstrap Framework to deliver quick and device-sensitive web applications.

Mobile Solutions

These days, we are all connected to a mobile device of one form or another. From laptops to tablets to mobile phones, applications that run on those devices are only effective if they are designed to appear properly on the device’s screen.  In addition, mobile devices offer robust features and tools, such as GPS and tap-sensitivity, that developers can leverage to improve the user’s experience and provide enhanced features that provide users with a more real-time and interactive experience. Medullus Systems designs and develops native and hybrid applications for iOS (Apple) and Android devices as well as mobile-responsive web apps.

iOS Apps
Ensure your application's visibility on Apple devices.
Xamarin Apps
Deliver specific multi-device mobile applications via a single codebase.
Android Apps
Android-compatible apps for optimal visibility.
Hybrid Apps
Easily bring to life a cross-platform mobile application.