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Why Choose


Dedicated Agile Teams

Our software development experts can seamlessly integrate themselves into any agile team. Medullus can either provide a fully managed (dedicated) agile team, or augment an existing in-house team.

Rapid Development

The term Rapid Application Development (RAD) has become more generic since its earliest use in 1991, where the use of an iterative development style and the construction of prototypes was first considered. These days, it is widely used to describe the use of various techniques to speed up application development.

Relationship Development

When you work with a company, you want to know what to expect up-front. Are they the right fit for your company, can they deliver what you need at the right price and on-time? At Medullus, we work hard to make sure that the experience of working with us is one that you’ll want to repeat.

Agile Methodology

By using agile software development, we can ensure that you get a flexible approach to planning, improvement via a continuously updated prototype, regular updates on status, and a quick response from us if circumstances change rapidly

Planning and Documentation

When we build software, we leave nothing to chance. We don’t assume; we ask, understand, and articulate into an exact plan. The tangibility of this plan is the visual prototype and documentation of the software’s features in plain English. This ensures that you’re getting exactly what you expected and agreed to.