Why Choose Us

Why Choose


Dedicated Agile Teams

Our software development experts can seamlessly integrate themselves into any agile team. Medullus can either provide a fully managed (dedicated) agile team, or augment an existing in-house team.

Rapid Development

Our Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology allows us to quickly and efficiently design and implement solutions. By following the RAD method, we are able to adhere to stricter timelines and due dates.

Planning & Documentation

When we build software, we leave nothing to chance; we ask, understand, and articulate into an exact plan. Tangible and detailed documentation ensures that you’re getting exactly what you expected and agreed to.

Relationship Development

We're passionate about developing lasting partnerships with our clients. Regardless of the project size, we'll work hard to earn your business and ensure a positive experience that you'll want to repeat.

Agile Methodology

By using an agile development method, we're able to efficiently assess and respond to change. This method allows us to give continuous status updates as well as the flexibility to apply adjustments when needed.