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About Medullus
With over 16 years of service, Medullus brings lean solutions to companies large and small through continuous delivery and deployment of software products and services.

Compliance Management

Bridge the gap in your defenses and protect your confidential data with our compliance management solutions. With fines costing anywhere between $100-50,000 per incident, your organization can’t afford to neglect an essential security plan. We help you comply with security and HIPAA compliance standards so that you never risk ruining your reputation because of a breach or other cyberattack.

By identifying your technology usage, understanding how your organization operates and the goals of your company, we’ll create a strategic plan to ensure you meet compliance – even as standards change. We monitor and test the status of your systems and generate reports in almost real-time to demonstrate how well you’re meeting compliance and what steps need to be taken to ensure you continue to do so.

Security Services

Our managed security services defend your organization from threats while ensuring you always meet compliance standards.

From backing up your files to make them easier to recover to securing your servers, network, computers and other technology from cyber threats, we’ve got your organization covered from every angle. By eliminating vulnerabilities, we’ll improve your business continuity and system reliability. Plus, we monitor the status of your systems proactively to resolve hiccups before you even know they exist.

Computer & Network Security
We proactively monitor your computers, servers, network and other tech to keep them protected.
Compliance Management
Meet compliance standards and keep your confidential information safe.
Business Continuity Plan
Keep your company afloat in the wake of a disruptive event.
Data Backup & Recovery Services
Reduce downtime with proactive data backups and remote storage to cut recovery times.
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