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Buying Group ERP

ECS – Enterprise Co-operative Systems is a complete end-to-end, “cloud based” ERP/BPM (Enterprise Resource Planning/Business Process Management) system for Buying Groups and Purchasing Co-operatives. It has been developed over 15 years with millions of dollars in investments. As of 2016 ECS has processed 20 million + documents, managed billions of dollars in sales for members and vendors and tracked, processed and analyzed millions of dollars of volume incentives and rebate monies. ECS has been implemented for the Lumber & Building Materials industry and can be molded into buying groups/purchasing co-operatives for any industry.

Modules of ECS

  • Setups (member, vendor, product, vendor SKU Management, vendor and co-op terms)
  • Rebates (setups – any type – guaranteed, growth-goal, contracts, accruals of rebates, receive rebates from vendors, process and payout rebates to members, reconcile rebates at the vendor SKU level, track, analyze and monitor rebates, provide intelligence to negotiate better programs with vendors)
  • Co-op Capital Management -
  • Sales & Purchasing (purchase orders, sales orders, logistics with 3PL management, BRM – business relationship management)
  • Inventory (warehouse, 3rd party warehouse, reload centers,
  • EDI (full suite EDI that “TRULY” automate transactions – orders, reverse orders, invoices, remittance, ACH – inbound and outbound, product management – not just get the data back and forth, but have them auto-checked, cleaned, error logged and processed all the way to the G/L – current implementation allows for millions of transactions per year managed by 3 resources).
  • Financials (A/R, A/P, A/P creating A/R, integrated General Ledger, Banking)
  • Transaction History (complete audit of transactions from order to cash – vendor to member, at the product level)
  • Credit (member credit analysis, different KPIs for buying groups – buying behavior, payment trends, early warning indicators, credit check systems, integrated credit management with sales & purchasing)
  • Marketing (trade shows, Marketing program and service management for members, vendor Marketing contracts, vendor management)
  • Co-op promotions (vendor promotion management)
  • Billing Transfer Management (transfer billing – directs to co-op)
  • Business Intelligence (1 stop shop for ALL reporting, self-service reporting – the ECS Universe)

Built using VB, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Analysis Services, Crystal Reports, Power BI, Sharepoint, EDI X12, any-to-any transactions and can be hosted as a private, hybrid or public cloud service.



Integrated System

Bring all your buying group modules and functions under 1 application. Add mobile, social and analytics to your ecosystem.

100% EDI Enabled

Connect all your members and vendors into 1 ecosystem using EDI and intelligent integrations

Cloud Based

Operates in Microsoft Azure cloud which is highly secure, available, scalable and affordable.

Buying Group Software

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