Design and Technology Consulting

Project name: Call CIA Support

Category:  Maintenance and Support

Client: Client Instant Access

Complete 1 March, 2020

Platform: Web

The Need: Call CIA provides feature-rich integrated communication and client engagement solutions to many of the most prestigious corporations in the world. With excellent applications already in place, the Call CIA team needed a team of digital experts to create secure solutions and provide digital consulting for ongoing improvement.

The Solution: The Medullus team serves as consultants and analysts for Call CIA. From technology evaluation to UI and API Design, The Call CIA team uses our solutions to improve their technologies and software. By collaborating with our developers and business consultants, Call CIA is able to fine-tune and improve upon their systems.


  • SAML-based single sign on (SSO) architecture – streamlines integration and enhances security
  • High-fidelity and low-fidelity UI wireframes for new modules and products
  • Workflow map for Caller ID Verification system – helps ensure compliance with telecommunication regulations
  • Defined and documented OpenAPI-compliant RESTful APIs – modernizing API infrastructure