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About Medullus
With over 16 years of service, Medullus brings lean solutions to companies large and small through continuous delivery and deployment of software products and services.

Strategic IT Consulting

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Managed IT Services

From organizing and optimizing your IT infrastructure – including servers, computers and your network – to planning your technology strategy, we help you bridge the gap between supporting your business and increasing productivity. As you meet your goals and face new challenges, we’ll talk you through new strategies, update your plan and implement new solutions to help you overcome roadblocks.
Network Design And Installation
Create a strong and stable IT infrastructure.
Strategic IT Consulting
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Server And Network Management
Fine-tune your servers and network to guarantee optimal performance and efficiency.
Help Desk Services
Resolve your most persistent tech problems quickly.
PC And Mac Support
Experience minimal downtime and resolve issues quickly.
Data Management
Create a strategic roadmap for storing, managing, monitoring and retrieving your crucial information.
Our Solutions

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