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About Medullus
With over 16 years of service, Medullus brings lean solutions to companies large and small through continuous delivery and deployment of software products and services.

Desktop Applications

What if you could quickly modernize your systems? With our revolutionary methodology, your budget-conscious application will be up and running in no time.

Desktop applications can help streamline various processes within a business, improving efficiency and eliminating lengthy and repetitive tasks such as copying/pasting and importing/exporting amongst several different platforms. But, it doesn’t take just any desktop application to remedy issues. You may have attempted an unsuccessful search for off-the-shelf software lacking sufficient features and solutions to your business problems. Or, your business may have an existing legacy application that needs an upgrade. When customized,  desktop applications can yield many benefits and improvements for your day-to-day processes.

With our range of experience in application development, our team can address an array of business concerns such as:
Inter-organizational consistency
Compilation and evaluation of information
Task automation
Employee performance improvement
Customer satisfaction
Technological advancement

Medullus has over two decades of experience creating desktop applications. We perform all tasks in-house and take the time to analyze your needs to deliver the best possible end-product. With specific knowledge of multiple industries, we can understand the context of your business needs so we can hit the ground running and deliver the perfect custom desktop application. 

Why choose Medullus as your desktop application developer?
Utilize your new software in a matter of weeks with our revolutionary agile development process
Work confidently with our Microsoft Gold developers and industry veterans
Enjoy the process with our “smart + fun" team with a customer satisfaction score 43% higher than the industry average

Software Development

Custom software has become a leading source of competitive advantage for companies of all sizes. Custom applications built for businesses and customers to solve unique challenges has driven innovation and contributes to your competitive edge. We, at Medullus, have more than 100 years of experience in building, managing and supporting custom software solutions for the web, mobile and desktop.

In the past, an off-the-shelf software was seen as the most economical way for a company to acquire software. Off-the-shelf solutions, however have heavy marketing costs that erode their cost advantage. Because they serve a broad audience, they can be bloated with features many companies will not use but have to pay for.

A SaaS software becomes expensive as you scale and are more often than not, difficult to extend and customize for your business processes. Now the cost of developing and supporting a purpose-built custom software application can be less than the cost of licensing commercially available software. In addition, by outsourcing your software development to Medullus, an integrated team of business analysts and software developers can develop a custom web or mobile application at less than half the cost of attempting the project with in-house personnel.

Desktop Software
Custom desktop applications developed uniquely for your business needs.
CRM And ERP Software
Streamline your company's customer and business operations.
Product Design & Development
Our hands-on approach to developing the perfect fit.
Enterprise Line Of Business Software
Create LOB programs unique to your company and industry,
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