Value Added Resellers

Leverage the expertise of Medullus software developers to create the perfect solution for your client.

Add custom software to your service offerings.

Our Value Added Resellers (VARs) take full advantage of Medullus services. From mobile applications to artificial intelligence, you can implement the perfect solution for your client.


Whether it's an Android, Apple, or hybrid application, you can deliver custom tools to your clients. By hosting an application on a mobile device, remote accessibility is ensured.


If your clients are looking to modernize their systems quickly and affordably, our custom desktop applications are an efficient solution. With our revolutionary methodology, you can deliver professional software in no time.


Provide your clients with web-based tools that can be accessed from any device. Web applications allow convenient and efficient access to company resources.

Complete Customization

Allow your clients to build a solution based on their specific needs and preferences. By ditching out-of-the-box software, companies can promote business growth and increase revenue.



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Medullus Systems has been our software development partner since 1998 and in 2007 they were commissioned to develop an end to end ERP and ledger system for the company. It was a very successful multi-year project, delivered on time, on budget with not even 1 day of disruption! The system scaled very easily and automatically. Medullus was there all the way to support us during this integration.
Stephen Sallah
CEO and President, LBM Advantage
Medullus and I worked on many IT projects together... We contracted a lead programmer for the database development of these projects. They are hard-workers and will do whatever it takes to make sure that any project they undertake is successful and that all pieces are in sync and working as a whole. I would recommend Medullus for any detailed IT projects for any organization.
Christina Hope
Marketing Coordinator, ENAP Inc.
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