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About Medullus
With over 16 years of service, Medullus brings lean solutions to companies large and small through continuous delivery and deployment of software products and services.

Office 365 Integration

Leverage our customized business intelligence solutions that consolidate multiple data sources by deploying immersive, interactive dashboards. Discover powerful enterprise-class insights that drive business results with our BI solutions. Our Power BI solutions transform data into rich visuals that enable enterprises to make mission-critical decisions confidently. 

We integrate the latest BI technologies to help your business seamlessly uncover the most powerful insights in real time. Acquiring the insights from your enterprise data, we design interactive visualization solutions and intelligent dashboards for taking decisions that boost ROI. 

POWER BI CONSULTING: Design self-service analytics models that bring transformative insights from existing data lakes with Power BI consulting. 

POWER BI DEVELOPMENT: Embed custom data models and BI ecosystems in enterprise applications by leveraging SDK libraries and APIs. 

POWER BI ANALYTICS: Build analytics-driven culture with Power BI analytics solutions that empower enterprises to connect data with decisions. 

INTERACTIVE DATA VISUALIZATION: Leverage visual representations of live dashboards, graphs, charts, and reports that deliver business insights intuitively. 

SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE: Support full-scale BI platforms or integrate additional data sources into the existing enterprise tech stack with us. 

How Power BI Delivers Digital Collaboration 

DATA ACCESS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Leveraging Power BI's compression abilities to view, analyse, and visualize data chunks anytime, anywhere. 

REDUCE TIME TO INSIGHTS: Transform how to analyse large quantities of data by leveraging Azure data lake to bring insights at high speed. 

IDENTIFYING DATA TRENDS: Built-in intelligence features improve an enterprise's ability to unlock fresh data trends in a matter of minutes. 

IMPROVED DATA GOVERNANCE:Whether it is exported data or native one, extend data governance and protection capabilities with scalability. 

INTERACTIVE VISUALIZATION: Turn huge data lakes into highly interactive visual reports from where insights can be gathered easily. 

ENTERPRISE ANALYTICS: Empowered by Power BI, enterprises can meet its self-service analytics need thigh powerful data models. 

Our Power BI Capabilities

Leveraging proven Power BI expertise for empowering enterprises to make insight-driven business decisions, we let companies transform data into a next-gen competitive edge. From developing the right BI strategies to delivering scalable modeling services and data visualization solutions, we help enterprises create interactive dashboards and insightful reports that take collaboration to the next level. 

Business Reports: Improve enterprise reporting capabilities that enable businesses to build and send interactive reports. Visually rich enterprise reports help in discovering repetitive data patterns. 

Interactive Dashboards Visualization: Create stunning dashboards with our proven expertise in unlocking Power BI's potential to improve data visualization and enable enterprises to organize and visualize data seamlessly. 

Self-Service Analytics: Deploy enterprise-ready data models for empowering businesses to harness fresh insights from a native big data lake and integrate them into a robust Power BI web services suite. 

Power BI On Azure: Bring business intelligence initiatives to life by integrating the built-in connectivity of Power BI and Azure. This way, enterprises seamlessly handle multiple data formats. 

Embedded Analytics: Enable a range of business applications to be more intuitive by embedding the right Power BI visuals and receive the best analytics and rich Power BI visuals from any data source. 

Web Applications

We provide a comprehensive approach to web applications with an easy-to-use online experience. Often, businesses leverage several pieces of “off the shelf” software, each to serve a different business function. As a result, while each serves a very specific purpose, the apps and data are disconnected from one another. That’s where Medullus Systems’ Application Integration team comes in. By connecting multiple separate pieces of software, their functions and their data, we effectively join those separate systems and unify your business workflow in the process.

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