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About Medullus
With over 16 years of service, Medullus brings lean solutions to companies large and small through continuous delivery and deployment of software products and services.

Xamarin Applications

Xamarin is Microsoft’s single-codebase application development platform that provides mobile app developers with a toolset to write code once, then release to multiple mobile platforms. This effectively cuts the development effort down to nearly half of the traditional native mobile app development lifecycle (I.e. creating one dedicated app for Android, then the same but completely-separate dedicated app for Apple devices).  In addition, Xamarin runs atop Microsoft’s powerful and enterprise-grade .NET Framework, giving it the base framework required to ensure uptime and stability across a broad range of apps with an even broad range of users. In the hands of seasoned .NET Stack developers like the Medullus Systems mobile application development team, Xamarin sets the stage for quicker delivery of more powerful cross-platform mobile apps.

Mobile Solutions

These days, we are all connected to a mobile device of one form or another. From laptops to tablets to mobile phones, applications that run on those devices are only effective if they are designed to appear properly on the device’s screen.  In addition, mobile devices offer robust features and tools, such as GPS and tap-sensitivity, that developers can leverage to improve the user’s experience and provide enhanced features that provide users with a more real-time and interactive experience. Medullus Systems designs and develops native and hybrid applications for iOS (Apple) and Android devices as well as mobile-responsive web apps.
iOS Apps
Create the perfect iPhone app for 24/7 access to company solutions.
Hybrid Apps
Allow your application to be visible across multiple platforms and devices.
Android Apps
Stay connected with Android users with an easy-to-use application.
Xamarin Apps
Deliver specific multi-device mobile applications via a single codebase.
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