Account Management System

Project name: LBM Advantage Management System

Category: Administration | Acounting

Client: LBM Advantage

Complete 1 August, 2015

Platform: Desktop

The Need: LBMA is America’s fastest growing co-op and supplier of lumber and other building materials. From Mom and Pop shops to large corporations, LBMA serves a wide array of businesses and industries. As a growing business, they needed several solutions to replace manual accounting, administration, and sales processes.

The Solution: Due to the benefits of custom software, Medullus was able to implement a large number of unique features into one application. 19 departments such as “Sales/Purchasing," “Invoicing," “Accounts Payable," and “Logistics" include a comprehensive list of resources and tools used to complete any task needed. This application replaces manual entry and an array of smaller applications, and streamlines processes into one, simple system. 

Features: Internal Credit System, Accounting, Sales, CRM, Reporting, Inventory Management, & more