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Client Testimonials

At Medullus, we're dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. See what a few our clients have to say:

We are a large purchasing co-operative having 1000+ suppliers and 450+ members. Medullus Systems has been our software development partner since 1998 and in 2007 they were commissioned to develop an end to end ERP and ledger system for the company. It was a very successful multi-year project, delivered on time, on budget with not even 1 day of disruption! We recently merged with another buying group and this system was a key component in the merger decision. The system scaled very easily and automatically as we doubled our membership and vendor base in 1 day! Medullus was there all the way to support us during this integration.
Stephen Sallah
CEO, LBM Advantage
Our company had been working with a well-known software and web development firm for nearly 10 years and were very satisfied with the work they had done for us. Nonetheless, as we prepared the RFP for the building of our next platform, we made the decision internally to solicit proposals from other providers. Our objective was to ensure that we had an IT partner that intimately understood our business model and could provide us forward-thinking solutions, all of which would help us scale and grow. After talking to Medullus Systems, we realized that they would be a good fit.
Bill Smithers
It was a pleasure to work with Medullus and their team! Usually, it is extremely difficult for IT and Marketing to work closely together and each group have a good understanding as to the role of the other. Working with Medullus was great. Our departments were tasked out to develop a website which would include billing, invoicing, virtual trade shows, etc. Medullus worked tirelessly on making the company website something to be reckoned with. I still use a lot of their methods and insight on online projects I work on today.
Avionne Philyaw
Marketing Coordinator, ENAP Inc.
Medullus and I worked on many IT projects together that focused on our corporate website. We contracted a lead programmer for the database development of these projects. They are hard-workers and will do whatever it takes to make sure that any project they undertake is successful and that all pieces are in sync and working as a whole. I would recommend Medullus for any detailed IT projects for any organization.
Cristina Hope
Marketing Coordinator, ENAP Inc.

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