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High-quality software through strong development teams

Too often, software developers are required to wear many hats. From architecture and design to development and quality assurance, one person may be attempting to handle every step of the process. For the sake of time and quality, it’s important to have different teams and clear boundaries when working on a project.

In some shape or form, the five standard teams involved in a custom software project are: Project Governance, Architecture and Design, Development, Quality Assurance and User Experience. Each team has its own unique function and allows for specialized staff to ensure quality control. When one person attempts to handle each of these, quality is sacrificed, which is something that should be avoided at all costs.

Project Governance involves the management of resources, quality and communication between the team and client. A Project Manager will often lead this team and oversee all steps of the process.

The Architecture and Design team is responsible for the overall solution and ensures optimal satisfaction from the client. The software’s structure and design is vital to the success of the overall solution.

The Development team is responsible for the program’s creation. Often considered the face of the application, developers write and edit code.

Quality Assurance involves testing and ensuring smooth deployment and upkeep. After the program is created, it’s important to test for bugs.

User Experience is focused on the user interface and usability.