Become the complete solution by adding custom software to your services

Our Value Added Resellers (VARs) take full advantage of Medullus services. From mobile applications to artificial intelligence, you can implement the perfect solution for your client.

A Partnership That Works For You

Choose from our flexible partnership models to best fit your business needs. Whether it's white labeling our expert developers, collaborating on a solution or simply referring clients to us, there is a partnership option that will enhance your services.

White Label Development Partnership
Integrate our skilled developers seamlessly into your team, presenting them as your own, to enhance your service offerings without the need for in-house resources

Collaborative Partnership
Work alongside our team as equal partners, where both companies are recognized for their contributions, to deliver exceptional solutions to clients through combined expertise and resources.

Referral Partnership
Earn rewards by referring clients to us, allowing you to expand your service offerings effortlessly while we handle the development and implementation.

Easy as 1-2-3

Apply to Be a Partner

Join our network by completing a simple registration process. Once your partnership is confirmed, gain access to our member portal to manage and track your opportunities and earnings.

Submit Opportunities

Easily submit potential projects or client needs through our streamlined portal, allowing us to quickly assess and collaborate on the best solutions to meet your clients' demands.

Earn Commission

As a valued partner, you can earn competitive commissions for every successful referral or collaboration, rewarding you for your contributions to our shared success.

Comprehensive Services for your Success

At Medullus, we're more than just software experts. We're your trusted partners in business transformation. Our comprehensive suite of services includes custom software development, expert consultation, seamless integration, and ongoing support. With a focus on continuous improvement and highly customized solutions, we're committed to changing the way companies view software and as a partner, you gain access to all these service offerings.

Custom Software Development

Offer custom software solutions tailored to client needs, enhancing efficiency and satisfaction. Leverage our expertise to provide unique, flexible software that integrates seamlessly with existing systems, adding significant value to your services.

Web Applications

Enhance your offerings with Medullus' expertise in developing custom web applications. Provide your clients with robust, scalable, and user-friendly web solutions that streamline their operations and improve user experience. Deliver highly functional and responsive web applications that meet specific business needs and drive digital transformation.

Mobile Solutions

Trust Medullus to create custom mobile applications designed for optimal performance across devices. Leverage advanced features like GPS and tap-sensitivity to deliver real-time, interactive experiences, enhancing client engagement and satisfaction with tailored mobile solutions.

Security Services

Fortify your offerings with Medullus' comprehensive security services. Provide your clients with cutting-edge security solutions, including advanced threat detection, data protection, and compliance management. Ensure their digital assets are safeguarded against cyber threats, enhancing their trust and reliability in an increasingly digital world.

Cloud Services

Leverage Medullus' expertise in cloud services to offer scalable, secure, and efficient solutions. Empower your clients with cloud-based applications and infrastructure that enhance accessibility, flexibility, and operational efficiency, ensuring their business processes are optimized for the digital age.



Happy Clients



End Users


Years of Service



Awards Won

Medullus Systems has been our software development partner since 1998 and in 2007 they were commissioned to develop an end to end ERP and ledger system for the company. It was a very successful multi-year project, delivered on time, on budget with not even 1 day of disruption! The system scaled very easily and automatically. Medullus was there all the way to support us during this integration.
Stephen Sallah
CEO and President, LBM Advantage
Medullus and I worked on many IT projects together... We contracted a lead programmer for the database development of these projects. They are hard-workers and will do whatever it takes to make sure that any project they undertake is successful and that all pieces are in sync and working as a whole. I would recommend Medullus for any detailed IT projects for any organization.
Christina Hope
Marketing Coordinator, ENAP Inc.

Transform Your Services with Our Partnership

Unlock new growth opportunities with our comprehensive suite of services and support, designed to enhance your business and delight your clients. 

How We Help You

Leverage our dedicated support to close more deals with confidence. From marketing resources to technical assistance and strategic consultations, we're here to empower you every step of the way.

Robust Marketing Support
Access a comprehensive library of marketing materials, including product datasheets and whitepapers, designed to empower partners in effectively communicating the value proposition of our products to their target audience.

Dedicated Partner Portal
Enjoy seamless access to our intuitive partner portal, your centralized hub for accessing essential resources, tools, and information, empowering you to efficiently manage your partnership with us and stay informed about important updates and announcements.

Consultative Sales Support
Partner closely with our team of experienced consultants who offer strategic advice and tailored guidance to address specific customer needs, overcome objections, and craft compelling proposals during the opportunity-closing phase.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Leverage our dedicated support to close more deals with confidence. From marketing resources to technical assistance and strategic consultations, we're here to empower you every step of the way.