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Sanitizing your personal devices

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to properly sanitize and disinfect personal devices. Many companies have transitioned to working remotely, causing home electronics to be used more than ever. Between increased usage and viral concern, it is essential to keep your workspace clean.

Studies show that home electronics can have up to 400 times the amount of bacteria than your bathroom. Good news: you can disinfect personal devices with a few common household products and solutions, such as an air duster, microfiber cloth, rubbing alcohol, paper towels and water. One common misconception is the use of Clorox and other bleach products to disinfect devices, as these can be too harmful or abrasive on your appliances.

First and foremost, it is important to prep your area to ensure proper sanitation and protection. Clear a table or desk to use as a workspace, with devices and cleaning products at the ready.

Next, rid your devices of loose particles by using an air duster. It is important to use a protective face mask while doing this, as the pressurized air can “kick up” harmful bacteria.

Following the air duster, add a few dabs of rubbing alcohol to a cloth damp with water. Starting with the device’s screen, wipe each surface gently and thoroughly.

After disinfecting, use a paper towel or other similar product to ensure all liquid is removed. We also recommend disinfecting your hands with sanitizing gel or soap and water after cleaning your devices.

We know this is a stressful time. In conjunction with other CDC-recommended practices, taking time to disinfect personal devices can help reduce the risk of infection. In response to this pandemic, we are working around the clock to support our clients, and encourage anyone with additional questions to connect with us.