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This Year in Tech

As 2020 comes to an end, we look back on the year’s most popular technological advancements.

Artificial Intelligence
Many of us use AI every single day. Whether it’s smart home devices, navigation apps, or streaming services, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our daily lives. Companies are realizing that AI saves precious time, money, resources and staff by performing tasks previously handled manually.

Virtual Reality
Although many think of VR in terms of entertainment purposes, this technology is making waves in all sorts of industries. From education to military training, virtual reality simulates real-life environments.

Protecting your tech from threats is not a new service. However, as technology evolves, so do cyber criminals. Your data is just as valuable as it ever was, and it’s important to take the necessary precautions to protect your company against ever-changing threats.

Internet of Things
Particularly prevalent in smart home technology, the internet is being utilized more than ever. Now, the locks on our doors can be controlled and air conditioning adjusted over your smartphone. All thanks to the internet.